Fall Camp-O-Ree / October Fest

@ Tuckahoe Steam & Gas in Talbot County

Help! We need people to bring wood for the late Night Camp Fire for our camp site!

This is a BYOS (Bring Your Own Stuff) EVENT to celebrate the last weekend that cubscouts are permitted to camp outdoors for the winter months.

This will be a great night of fun and entertainment! There is nothing better than sleeping out side on a cool October evening!

Children and parents may start to show up anytime after 4:00pm and begin to set up.

Feel free to bring snacks/food and you may consider a flashlight.

There are few planed events...maybe some pumkin carving and a bon fire.

Don't Forget to bring your TENT and WARM clothing!!!

Parents and children ARE NOT required to spend the evening...Remember...Go home HAPPY!

However if the scout stays...the parent MUST stay!


Things you might want to bring???

A General Supply List


Follow Rt. 50 to West from Easton. Go about 5miles or so after you pass the airport. LOOK for TUCKAHOE STEAM & GAS ON YOUR LEFT...

Turn into TUCKAHOE STEAM & GAS (You will have to make a "U-Turn) ...you will see us there!!!




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