Camp Henson


Print this page (directions are slightly different) and the map (pdf-format)


START: At the intersection of Route 50 and 331(Next to the 7-11 convienience store)
FOLLOW: Route 331(Old Dover Rd.)towards & through Preston for 11.3miles

VEER LEFT: at the "Y" in the road next to Preston Ford after you pass through the town of Preston.
FOLLOW: Route 318 for 5.9mi. towards Federalsburg

TURN RIGHT: at the light in Federalsburg onto 318/313
FOLLOW: Route 318/313 through the "Circle" towards Elorado (go straight through the circle)
CONTINUE: on Route 313/318 towards Elorado to the next traffic light for a total of 2.1mi.

TURN RIGHT: at light by the Industrial Park onto 313 south.
FOLLOW: Route 313 South for an additional 1.2 mi.

VEER RIGHT: and continue to follow 313 South toward Eldorado.
GO STRAIGHT: through the blinking light by crossing over route 392
CONTINUE: to follow Route 313 South to Eldorado for a total of 6.5mi.

ENTER ELDORADO: and turn LEFT at the Little Red Market
CONTINUE: to follow 313 South for 4.1mi.

TURN RIGHT: at the Brick "Camp Henson" sign onto Nanicoke Rd.)
CONTINUE: on this road (it will turn into a dirt road) for 1.8mi.

PARK: in the lot by the Administration building and receive instructions to register and unpack gear.





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