Camping Supply list

Personal Camping Gear

This is a generic list of supplies some of the items listed may NOT be necessary for all camping adventures. If you have questions contact the cubmaster! Did we mention to label ALL Gear!!!

____ Waterbottle/Canteen
____ Change of Clothes for Each Day of Camping
____ Sunscreen/ Protection
____ Cub Scout class "A"Uniform
____ Extra T-Shirts
____ Swim Suit
____ "Yellow" -Pack 532 Shirt
____ Long Pants/Jeans
____ Towels & Wash Cloth

____ Summer/Winter Sleeping Bag

Sheets/ blankets (Weather Appropriate)

____ Shorts
____ Flashlight w/ Batteries
____ Sweater/Jacket/Coat
____ 1 Pair of shoes that can get WET
____ Sleep Wear
____Poncho or Rain Gear ____ 2 pair that will stay Dry (Maybe!!!) ____ Cap or Hat
____ Pack / Suitcase / Trunk ____ 1 pair sturdy hiking shoes ____ Pillow
____ Laundry Bag/ 2 Trash Bags
____ Extra Socks & Underwear
____ Insect Repellent (Non-Aerosol) for skin and clothing.

Toiletries (Kit Containing)

*Please pack these items near the top of the child's gear so that they may be found quickly upon arrival and given to the camp health officer!

____ Medications*
____ Comb/Brush/Pick
____ Soap in a waterproof case
____ Bath towel & Wash Cloth
____ Tooth Brush/ Toothpaste
____ Flipflops for the Shower (optional)

Optional Items

All items listed below are the responsibility of the scout. If lost or broken during the camping experience, the scout is responsible for replacement.

____ Watch/Timepiece (waterproof)
____ Bible or Reading Material
____ Sunscreen
____ "Notebook & Pen/Pens
____ One Time Use Camera and Film
____ Swim Suit
____ Cards/Table Games
____ Cub Scout/Webelos Handbook
____ Materials/Props for a skits
____ Sun Glasses ____ Binoculars ____ Glow Sticks on String
____ Musical Instruments ____ Rope for clothes line ____ Eating Utensils
____ Electric Lantern ____ Insect Netting with Poles ____ Winter Coat (Weather Appropriate)

____ Sports Equiptment (soccer ball, kick balls, baseballs, gloves, etc.)

____ Fishing Equiptment
____ Teddy Bear or Woobie Blanket


Items Needed At Cub"o"ree (ONLY!)

All items listed below are items that will/can be used at the cub"o"ree cubscout event held in the spring ONLY.
Warning: You may have to carry some of this stuff a small distance.

____ Bring the family (see cuboree for per person cost)
____ Board/field/Active Games to share with other scouts during down times.
____ Bring a tent (Contact the cubmaster if you do not have one) w/ Under-tent-ground cover. Also tent stakes and hammer.
____ Latenight snacks to share with fellow scouts at the pack around the campfire. There is never too much SMORE STUFF or marshmallows
Lawn Chairs/folding chairs and Folding tables  
____ Lunch for Saturday & Breakfast for Sunday Morning
____ Optional ( Bikes and helmets -must ride in pairs)


Top 10 Things to Talk about before you send Jr.

These are topics that make you Scout's camping experience even more FUN!

Rolling up sleeping bag if it is misty and raining to keep it dry.
How to apply sunscreen and insect spray responsibly and where to check for ticks.
Keeping wet clothing separated from dry clothing.
Discuss the appropriate use of taking pictures with a camera (or you will get 24 shots of a tent flap!!!)
What to do if you have a problem with an adult/child?
What to do if you get lost? (Stay in one place/ask a leader in uniform.)
Why you should not run on the trails, woods, and campsites. (We have a playing field they can run on!)
How to spend money wisely. Items at the camp store range from 25 cents to $100.00+ dollars!
Leaving nature where it is (Don't bring home any new pets!)
Having a positive attitude towards EVERYTHING YOU DO...DO YOUR BEST! Have FUN!!!

Stuff for the PACK to Bring.

These are topics that make you Scout's camping experience even more FUN!

____ Pack 532 Flag& Separate US flag for camp site w/ flag stand*
____ Program Materials (Chariots, campsite decorations, ect.)
____ Cooler w/ Ice
____ Lantern
____ Trash Bags ____ Cups, Plates, and Paper Towels
____ Camp Saw and Shovel ____ Awning Cover
____ Matches / Fire Starters ____ Lists and Health forms
____ First Aid Kit
____ Materials/Props for Skits


Stuff NOT to Bring & PROHIBITED at Camp Henson!!!

Saftey is always first... If in question...Don't bring it!

____ Alcoholic Beverages
____ Pets (except guide Dogs)
____ Fireworks

____ Firearms and Airguns

(including PaintBall guns)

____ Sheath Knifes
____ Glass Containers
____ Video Games/ handheld games/TVs/DVD/CD/ROM players
____ Illegal Drugs & Unlabeled Drugs
____ Radioactive /Nuclear Warheads & Chemical weapons




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