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Introduction to Tiger Track



The Tiger Track is a resource for Tiger Cub leaders and should be used to supplement the Tiger Cub Handbook.  The suggestions offered in this document are based on our experiences in the Talbot County area.  You will find ideas, activities, projects, websites and other fun things to do that will fill your Tiger Cub den meetings with excitement and fun for both the boys and the adults involved.


The ideas in this resource are only suggestions; they are by no means required activities.  They are activities that we have found successful and fulfill the activity requirements.  Let your interests and imaginations guide you in selecting the ideas that will be of interest to your boys.  This will make the experience fun for all.


The den should plan at least three meetings each month: a “Go See It” activity, a den meeting, and a pack meeting.  Between den meetings throughout the month, the Tiger Cub and his adult partner should work together at home on the family activities.  The annual Cub Scout “Program Helps” is an excellent guide for pack and den programs, which is available at the scout shop..


For each required Tiger Cub activity completed, the Tiger Cub will receive an activity bead – one white bead for each den activity completed, one black bead for each family activity completed, and one orange bead for each “Go See It” participated in.  Activity beads are worn on the white tiger paw that is attached to the Tiger Cub belt.  It is called a belt totem.


We hope this is a valuable resource and helps you to be the very best leader possible.  We would ask that you forward any feedback, additional resources, and ideas to us.  Our contact information is at the end of the book.



Yours in Scouting,


Pack 532 Leader’s Commitee





Sample Meeting Outline for Tiger Cubs



1.     Gathering.  Before the den meeting begins, have a game, puzzle, seek ‘n’ find, or other activity to keep the boys busy until everyone arrives.

2.     Opening.  Begin the program year with the den with the Pledge of Allegiance and reciting the Tiger Cub Promise and/or motto.  Later in the year, once the boys know the Tiger Cub Promise and motto, open with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Cub Scout Promise, Law and motto.

3.     Sharing.  Let each boy share some of the things that he has done with his adult partner since the last den meeting.

4.     Discovering.  Conduct the activities planned – a “Go See It” or some other type of activities the den can do together, such as Tiger Cub requirements, electives, and projects, as well as, games, songs, etc.

5.     Searching.  Plan for the next meeting. Announce the theme for the next meeting.  Give the date, time, place, and any other important information for the next den meeting.

6.     Closing.  During the early part of the year, close the meeting with the Tiger Cub Promise and motto.  Later in the year, use your own closing or use the Cub Scout Promise, Law and motto.


Note:  A sample of the “Tiger Cub Den Meeting Program is included in Appendix A.

“Go See It” Activity Plan



1.     Determine how far away the destination is, and how much time will be involved.

2.     Ask your local council if you will need to file a tour permit.

3.     Make full arrangements in advance.

4.     Arrange for transportation that will ensure comfort, safety, and compliance with insurance requirements.  Tiger Cubs cannot ride in the bed of a pickup truck, and everyone must wear a seat belt.

5.     Be sure that all adult partners know where and what time to meet.  Emphasize the importance of being on time.

6.     Let everyone know in advance that Tiger Cubs are to be in uniform, and it is strongly recommended that the adult partners wear their uniform shirts also.

7.     Establish the buddy system before starting the trip.  Explain that each Tiger Cub is to be accompanied by an adult, and that the boys must stay with their adult partners at all times.

8.     Know how many people are in the group.  Make a list of participants and take it along.

9.     Coach the boys in advance so that they will be attentive and courteous, and will observe all the rules.

10.  Locate restrooms immediately upon arrival.

11.  Upon your return have the boys write the hosts a “thank you.”


A well-planned “Go See It” will benefit everyone involved.  A successful “Go See It” will have provided an opportunity for participants to:

q      Acquire new interests and knowledge.

q      Develop a deeper understanding of and respect for other people.

q      Reinforce their attitude of good citizenship, such as courtesy and kindness.

q      Have FUN!!

Tiger Track



Making My Family Special


1F.       Chore List


1D.      Scrap Book – cover examples in Appendix A

            Web Sites:





1G.      Historical Visit



Where I Live


2F.       Map of Community

Web Sites:



2D.      Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag

            of the United States of America

and to the Republic for which it stands,

one nation under God, indivisible,

with liberty and justice for all.


2G.      Police of Fire Station Visit

Location:         Any local police or fire station



Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe


3Fa.     Fire Drill

Suggestion:  It works well to include Electives 27 & 28.

Web Sites:


3Fb.     Lost

Refer to the Bobcat Requirements in the front of your Tiger Cub Handbook for some good suggestions on this subject.  We found that the Shelby County School System does a very good job with this subject and we simply reinforced the points.


3D.      Food Pyramid

Suggestion:  Bring food magazines for the boys to cut out pictures of food,  poster board with the Food Guide Pyramid found on page 51 of your Tiger Cub Handbook drawn.  Allow the boys to paste the pictures they have cut out onto the board.

Food and Nutrition Information Center

Web Site:

Kids Health

Web Site:

Nutritional Education for New Americans

Web Site:


3G.      Sporting Event

Suggestion:  We are fortunate to live in an area that is chocked full of sporting events, pick one that interests your boys and attend it individually or as a den.

Rules for Kids Games

Web Site:

Sports Rules – Learn That Sport!

Web Site:

Special Olympics

Web Site:


How I Tell It


4F.       Mealtime



4D.      Play “Tell it like it isn’t”

This is easy and the boys seam to enjoy it!


4G.      Media Visit



Let’s Go Outdoors


5F.       Weather Watch

In addition to your visit to the great outdoors, try some websites for current Information and compare it with what you observe.

            National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

            Brian Peter – 205-664-3010

            Web Site:


5D.      Leaf Rub

Easy and fun.  Collect green leaves if possible, they are more flexible and last longer.


5G.      Take a Hike

Locations:       Any state, city or local park. Find ways to make it interesting by incorporating a game, contest or destination.




1.         How Do You Celebrate?


2.         Making Decorations


3.         Fun and Games


4.         Display a Picture – Fun Den activity


5.         Family Mobile


6.         Song Time


7.         Play Along!


8.         Your Religious Leaders – Look at the “God & Country” program


9.         A New Friend


10.       Helping Hands


11.       Helping the Needy - The annual Cub Scouts food drive is an ideal opportunity.  Check with the District calendar for date(s) (typically held in February).


12.       A Friendly Greeting – Local hospital or nursing home is great place to share cards/greetings


13.       Making Change – Have enough coins for each boy to work with.


14.       Reading Fun


15.       Our Colorful World – Finger paints and craft paper (and paint smocks) make this great fun!


16.       Collecting and Other Hobbies


17.       Make a Model – Building a Pinewood Derby car. 

- We used the materials collected in elective 47 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to build a model.


18.       Sew a Button


19.       Magic Fun – Cub Scout “Magic Book”, available at the scout shop.


20.       Get the Word Out – We produced a public service announcement on drug prevention in a Den meeting and presented it at a Pack meeting.


21.       The Show Must Go On – Cub Scout “How To Book” , available at the scout shop.


22.       Picnic Fun


23.       What Kind of Milk?


24.       Help in the Kitchen


25.       Snack Time


26.       Phone Manners


27.       Emergency!


28.       Smoke Detectors – Choose a birthday/anniversary/holiday and make this when you change the batteries each year.


29.       Safety in the Sun


30.       Plant a Seed – We used Styrofoam cups (paper will not last long enough for the seed to germinate) with potting soil and flower seeds (any seed will work, consider the time of year and use something appropriate).


31.       Learn About Animals – The Oak Mountain State Park Petting Farm

                                                - The Birmingham Zoo


32.       Feed the Birds – Pine cones with peanut butter and bird seed works well.


33.       Cleanup Treasure Hunt


34.       Conservation


35.       Fun Outdoors


36.       See a Performance


37.       Take a Bicycle Ride


38.       Bicycle Repair


39.       Go to Work


40.       Fun in the Water


41.       Transportation (can be combined with 1G)


42.       Fun at the Zoo – The Birmingham Zoo


43.       Pet Care


44.       Dairy Products


45.       Fresh Baking – Krispy Kreme Donuts


-       Golden Flake Foods



46.       Healthy Teeth and Gums


47.       Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


48.       Go for a Ride – (See 1G and Elective 41)


49.       Your Government


50.       Banking


Appendix A



Individual Tiger Cub Record


Tiger Cub Den Meeting Program


Nature Scavenger Hunt


Scrap Book Covers





Nature Scavenger Hunt


Touch something


Smell Something


Listen to/for






Leaves rustling






Birds singing






Birds flying






Animals moving






Water running






Insects chirping






Wind moving things
























Boy Scouts of America


Pack ?


Den ?




Tiger Cubs









Cub Scout

Scrap Book


I am a member of Den ?

Pack ?

My train of dreams


Appendix B


Additional Scouting Websites


Tiger Cubs - The Virtual Cub Scout Leader’s Handbook


Virtual Cub Scout Leader’s Handbook




Cub Record Form


Tiger Advancement Record


Boy Scouts of America – BSA – National Council


Boy Scouts of America – Official Catalog


Greater Alabama Council



SCOUTER Interactive


U.S. Scouting Service Project – Fantastic site!


BALOO’s Bugle – Monthly publication with lots of ideas for pack and den activities


The unofficial scouting uniform and insignia online suite


Cub Scout Net’s Top 100 Scouting Web Sites